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ETERNAL AUTUMN Pendulum Pendant - Discounted

ETERNAL AUTUMN Pendulum Pendant - Discounted
This stunning pendulum features an extra large obelisk of titanium-coated quartz. In it, I have set one of my handmade Eternal Autumn cabochons. It features a golden skeleton leaf to which I have added a multichromatic, iridescent backing. You will see a beautiful rainbow of purple, green, and amber, like a magical dawn-lit forest.

The metalwork was done using Tiffany Technique. I painted layers of lead-free metal (a sterling silver and tin alloy) over copper, and textured it to achieve a rustic, weathered appearance.

The pendant measures 3" tall, and it hangs suspended from a 26" tarnish-resistant silver plated chain.

PLEASE NOTE: I have discounted this piece, as there are imperfections on one of its sides. I have taken a picture of the imperfection-- please note before purchasing!
$ 90.00