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My faery wing earrings have been among my most popular offerings ever since their launch in 2010. They are lightweight, super-shiny, and completely waterproof-- what's not to love?

Since then, I have been asked countless times for custom wings-- I love that people dream up their own color combinations, and would like to make those custom orders a standard listing in my shop. Would you like your own special wing combination? No problem! Just purchase this listing, and tell me, in the notes to seller! (If you have difficulty with any part of this process, do not hesitate to contact me!)

Metal Color: Silver (with sterling earwires), Gold (with brass earwires), or Copper (with copper earwires)?
Wing Base Color: Please see photos #2-4 in this listing for the options.
Crystal Color(s): Please see photo #5 in this listing for the options. 
Wing Size: I can make the wings as small as 1 1/2" (itty bitty!) or as large as 3 1/2" (statement pieces!).

If you would like to see larger versions of the photos, please look here!

Turn around time for this item is THREE WEEKS from the time of purchase!



BANSHEE: The shades of passion- you will see deep pinks that shift from lilac to blue. Looks great with silver and copper, iridescent Swarovski crystals, and peacock shades like magenta, purples, and teals. 
DAOINE SITH: All the shades of the northern lights. You will see rosy pinks, golden coppers, celadon green, and hints of bright blue, ever changing. Looks great with any metal, iridescent Swarovski crystal, or just about any shade!
DRYAD: The shades of a sun-dappled oak grove. You will see bright greens, warm golds, and even hints of pink. Looks good in any metal, and especially good with green crystals. 
ELF QUEEN: The shades of magical enchantment. You will see deep purple, firefly green, luminous magenta. Pairs particularly well copper OR silver, and with Swarovski crystal in Volcano.
LEANAN SIDHE: The shades of twilight. You will see lilac purple, luminous blue, and firefly green, ever changing. Pairs well with silver and copper metals, pastel crystals, opal crystals, and crystals in the purple color family.
PIXIE DUST: The shades of morning dew on spring blooms. You will see pale pinks, golden yellows, and ethereal green. Pairs well with gold and silver metals, pastel crystals, opal crystals, and crystals in the pink color family.
TAM LIN: The shades of the deep woodlands in Autumn. You will see shimmering coppers, leaf green, and forest green. Pairs extremely well with copper metal, copper crystals, autumn-colored crystals, and green crystals.
THE SLUAGH: all the shades of night. You will see deep blues shot through with the purple of twilight and the seedy green of elven fire, ever changing. Pairs well with silver metals, and crystals in the blue family, as well as iridescent crystal.
THE SEELIE HOST: The shades of bright trees in Autumn. You will see golden yellow, shining green, and hints of raspberry and pink. Pairs beautifully with copper and gold metals, and crystals in the copper, green, and autumn color families.
THE UNSEELIE HOST: The shades a seedy underworld- a deep royal purple shot with cobalt blue and silver with tinges of green. Pairs well with copper or silver metal, and crystal in the iridescent or purple color families.
UNDINE GREEN: A mysterious, iridescent ocean mist. You will see rosy pinks, purple lilac, celadon green, and hints of bright blue, ever changing. Similar to Daoine Sith, but cooler toned. Looks beautiful with silver and gold metals, and crystals in the blue/aqua/opal color family.
WILL O' THE WISP: A mysterious, iridescent light in the dark. You will see mysterious teals, pale blues, luminous purples, and the phantom tinge of green lights in the distance. Looks especially good with blues, purples, and dark iridescent shades. 


Further customizations: for an extra fee, I can swap out the earwire for a special metal (hypoallergenic niobium), or use leverback or clip-on earwires. If you require specialization, please send me a convo prior to or after purchasing this listing, and I will invoice you for the extra charge.

Necklaces: Yes, I can also make custom necklaces in a manner similar to this one. Please email me to discuss options. /

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!
$ 46.00