9oz Glass Tumbler Candles

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New to Sihaya & Company! Enjoy our lovely candles in a reusable glass tumbler!

These candles measure 3" wide by 3.5" tall, and contain 9 oz of wax for a burn time of 40+ hours. They are topped with a candle-safe overspray.

These candles will be made in small batches, and as such there may be some minor differences in candle shades.

Choose from the following scents:

Blue Awakening: Blue agave, tonka, heliotrope, lavender milk, almond, and bergamot.

Conversations with the Moon: A soft murmuring, a gentle hum, the calm of moonlight through an open window. Lavender, tonka bean, sage, chamomile, and a pinch of sea salt. 

Dream Walker: A mystical blend of deep woods, creamy almond, dried citrus peel, smoked clove, and black pepper.

Ember & Mallow: A time-honored camping tradition! Vanilla marshmallows toasted over a smoky Autumn bonfire.

Ginger Fox: 
Freshly-toasted cinnamon bread with a sprinkle of candied ginger. (Originally released as Le Renard.)

Sisterhood of the Moon: 
Gathered beneath the gibbous moon, we raise our arms to the sky. Come join us. Amber, crackling fires, woody oakmoss, and warm vanilla.

Unfurl Your Heart: Whispers of orange and yuzu softened by hydrangea, lily, slowly unfurling green leaves, and still morning air.

Antique Sandalwood & Madagascar Vanilla: A warm blend of vanilla bean tempered by woody sandalwood. 

Ginger & Wild Peach: Juicy, ripe peaches spiced with firey ginger root.

Lavender Earl Grey & Apple: A calming blend of lavender tinged Earl Grey tea, and a hint of apple.

Lemon & Garden Herbs: Zingy lemon zest paired with the earthy, green scent of rosemary, basil, thyme, and tomato leaf.

Moon Garden & Night Air: Cool, damp evening air awash in the scent of nocturnal blooms.

Rose, Peony, and Vanilla: A bouquet of pink blossoms awash in a creamy vanilla.