Winter Collection: WAX MELTS

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A limited collection of wax melts. These melts are made with a custom blend of paraffin and soy waxes. Each listing is for a 6-piece clamshell weighing approximately 2 oz. The waxes will be decorated with glitter.

Scent options:

Cookie Party!: The scent of cozy kitchen chaos! Snickerdoodle cookies baking in the oven, oatmeal cookies piped with marshmallow frosting, and sweet sugar cookies cooling on the rack!

Goldenglow: The scent of Winter hygge - snuggling under a warm blanket by the fireplace in the warm golden light of holiday decorations. Golden amber, sandalwood, rosewood, clove, a mug of steaming mulled cider, and pies baking in the oven. A not-quite gourmand, but instead more of a cozy atmospheric.

Old Saint Nick: A visit from the big man himself! Cherry pipe smoke, cozy hearth woods, and roasted chestnut.

Sugar Plum Fairy: A dazzling dance of vanilla sugar-dusted plums, sweet berries, and a pinch of magic!

The Court In Splendour: Glad Tidings from the King! The scent of the Tudor court at Yuletide. A festive blend of bayberry and tart cranberry on a bed of warm balsam and spice.

The Memory Of Snow: 
Silky almond cream, delicate spun sugar, a dash of nutmeg, and the memory of snow.

Twinkling Lights: The scent of my childhood: going for a holiday drive to look at all of the houses decorated in brightly colored, twinkling lights. Snow-covered pine trees, carefully-clutched cups of peppermint hot chocolate, and sugar-dusted gingerbread cookies.