ETERNAL AUTUMN Quartz Talisman Pendant

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The latest in my "Eternal Autumn" series is this beautiful talisman. It features one of my stunning handmade color-shifting skeleton leaf cabochons-- depending on the angle at which you view the pendant, you will see a beautiful rainbow of purple, magenta, orange, and amber, like a magical dawn-lit forest. 

I have set it atop a thick obelisk of crystal-clear quartz. It is a hefty, substantial piece that measures 2 1/2" tall. It has been crafted with Tiffany Technique-- layers of silver alloy (tin and sterling) carefully and sculpturally painted onto a base layer of copper.

The pendant hangs suspended on a long, tarnish-resistant silver plated chain measuring 26" long and adorned with iridescent purple crystal. The pendant should hit mid-bust, making it perfect for layering.

Each pendant is unique, and each cabochon is unique. Each finished piece, however, will be roughly the same size.