Fortune Teller Collection: OGHAM

Fortune Teller Collection: OGHAM
A lovesong to fortune tellers, augurs, mediums, oracles, seers, soothsayers, witches, and sybils-- and the methods with which they divine our fates. 

Ogham: The ogham is an ancient alphabet used to record some of the earliest Irish languages. It features vertical staves with horizontal lines inscribed into them, usually carved into wood. Long tied to the wisdom of the druids, the Ogham is also used for divination. Its letters correspond to various trees and plants, which in turn have their own magical meanings. 

Green fig, tart lemon, cedar, oak, musk, and cucumber. 

This 8oz candle tin measures 3" wide by 2" deep, and holds approximately 6.5 oz of wax by weight. The wax is topped with an overspray of iridescent glitter. The glitter used in my candles is safe for use in candles, and the ultrafine particles will also not clog your wick!
$ 11.00