Group Exclusive: DREAM WALKER

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Lucid dreaming is a process in which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming and can somewhat control the events and environment of the dream. Our group member, Rissa M, was the winner of one of our Halloween fun contests, and as such, she got to suggest the next group exclusive. This candle is a slightly tweaked version of her request.

The candle has the option of coming bundled with a small pouch of herbs meant to be placed within the pillowcase or under the pillow to aid the dreamer on their nocturnal wanderings. It will contain mugwort, valerian, clary sage, and chamomile.

Dream Walker: a blend of deep woods, creamy almond, dried citrus peel, smoked clove, and black pepper. 

This 8oz candle tin measures 3" wide by 2" deep, and holds approximately 7 oz of wax by weight. The wax is topped with an overspray of iridescent glitter. The glitter used in my candles is safe for use in candles, and the ultrafine particles will also not clog your wick!