Limited Box: ATHENA'S ARMY

Limited Box: ATHENA'S ARMY


A limited box featuring some incredible collaborators for a very good cause.

Recently, a member of the indie community we know and love experienced an episode of domestic violence. As traumatic as domestic violence can be physically and emotionally, it can also be quite costly financially. Relocation costs, replacement of daily necessities that have been damaged, counseling, missed work, and much more-- all of these add up to an often hefty price tag.

When one of our own is in need, we answer the call. The collaborators in this box made it a top priority to create a financial safety net for our beloved friend. This box came together in little over a weekend with a lot of hard work, solidarity, and compassion. I am proud to call each an every woman represented here my friend.

There is a hard limit of 50 boxes available at this time. All of the items in the box are being created specifically for it and donated by the creators so that the maxiumum amount of money can go where it needs to go ASAP.  Every cent not spent on the administration of the box will go directly to the person in need. 

The box features the following items:

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab will contribute a 5ml vegan perfume oil. Owl's Wing - An oil of wisdom and guidance; a lantern in dark times. White sage and goldenseal, white sandalwood, hops, Atlas cedar, red benzoin, Somalian myrrh, lavender, cypress, champaca flower, and olive. Botanical fragments will be present in this oil.

Blooddrop will contribute a 7ml vegan perfume oil. Athene Noctua - Little Owl: Apples upon apples, clementines, acorns, lemon, nutmeg, and dark patchouli.

Corvus Cosmetics will contribute a 3g vegan loose highlighter. Acropolis: White gold base with a strong turquoise shift.

Deconstructing Eden will contribute a 5ml vegan perfume. Athena Triumphant: Bright amber, supple leather, olive wood and blooms, salt air, the brush of owl wings, anthos flowers, basil, and a drop of lemon.

Nui Cobalt Designs will contribute a 4 oz vegan soy candle. Adamantine: A richly-scented soy candle, enchanted to invoke the Warrior Goddess for strength and protection. Ivy entwined with olive boughs and dewy cypress, smoldering myrrh and sacrificial wine, wild rose honey and offertory cakes on a platter of lush ripe fruit.

Paintbox Soapworks will contribute an 8 oz vegan sugar scrub. Abnoba: Protectress of the woods & the wild. A deep, feral forest blend of birch, pine & juniper with shadows of red musk & patchouli, sage & wild apple.

Sihaya Designs Jewelry will contribute Wisdom, a petite owlet pendant in a nickel-free, lead-free silver tone setting. 

Sixteen92 will contribute a 6ml vegan perfume oil. Atrytone: The Unwearying. Smoked tea, black elder, ancient oak, white suede, sweet dragon’s blood, forest floor, golden musks.

In addition, I would like to thank Brooke (formerly of Villainess, currently of Smiles By Wedelstaedt) for her help with the administration of this box and the donation effort. It could not have come together as quickly as it did without your aid.

The box costs $80 plus shipping. We aim to have this box shipped by the end of the first week of October. If other items are purchased with the box, there may be a slight delay, as your entire order will be packaged together.

If you would like to donate directly, the email address to Paypal is As it is being administrated by Brooke (formerly of Villainess), your receipt may say "Villainess."

$ 80.00