Autumn Limited: AUTUMNVALE APPLEFEST Layered Candle
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Autumn Limited: AUTUMNVALE APPLEFEST Layered Candle

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The Autumn Limited Collection will be restocked as time allows. There is no guarantee it will be restocked. They are crafted from three layers of complimentary scent that will change throughout the candle's life.

Every fall, the apple trees of Autumnvale grow heavy with fruit. People come from far and wide to pick the apples and enjoy a festival of hommade treats.

Top / Red: A country fair favorite! Freshly-made apple cider donuts dusted with cinnamon sugar
Middle / Yellow: Let's go apple picking! Juicy Macintosh apple
Bottom / Green: A warm cup of mulled cider as the sun goes down


Glass tumblers: These candles measure 3" wide by 3.5" tall, and contain 9 oz of wax for a burn time of 40+ hours. They are topped with a candle-safe glittering overspray.

The glitter I use is safe for use in candles, and the ultrafine particles will not clog your wick.

Turnaround time for candles is 2 weeks.