Faerie Queen Collection: MAB

Faerie Queen Collection: MAB
This is a candle from an older collection that was revived for a special event. Once these are sold, the candle will be out of stock indefinitely.

The Faery Queens Candle Collection - Mab

For centuries, we have told one another stories of the fae. Pixies and sprites, brownies, redcaps, and will o' the wisps. Sometimes the fae are benevolent, helpful. Other times, they are mischievous or malevolent. Whether good, bad, or somewhere in between, the fae have captured our imagination-- but none so much, perhaps, as the noble fae. This series of candles pays homage to three of Faery's royal queens.

MAB: Known best for her portrayal in the work of William Shakespeare, Mab is a trickster who rides at night from home to home, touching sleeping mortals' foreheads to give them vivid dreams both good and ill. Mab is beautiful, sensual, and evocative, but be careful not to arouse her jealousy!

Her scent is rich and seductive: a blend of three vanillas with kisses of mango and orange blossom. 

The 8oz candle is presented in a tin with specially-chosen artwork from Merle Pace Arts. Hand blended and poured in small batches, it will be beautifully crafted, decorated with a beautiful, candle-safe glitter overspray!
$ 11.00