Personal Rune Reading

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SOLD OUT. But fear not, I'll be offering more soon.


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I have been doing rune readings for nearly 20 years, both online and in person. I have decided to periodically offer readings online as time and energy allow, as readings do take a fair amount of emotional energy to perform.

This first set of ten available readings will be used as a fundraiser for my friend, Rissa, whose pooch, Valerio, requires surgery to remove a cancerous mass. You can read about Valerio here. 100% of the cost of these ten readings will be donated to Valerio's treatment. 

This reading will include a nine-rune draw in a format called the Heimdallr's Eight, which is an excellent format for issues requiring advice. I need to know the general area of your inquiry (ie: romantic life, home life, career, etc.), and/or if you have a specific point you would like advice or clarification on, but do not require many details about the overall situation (in general, I find that knowing too much going in interferes with my process).  Or you could ask for a general overview of the coming six months.

I will perform the reading remotely on your behalf. Within one week of purchase, you will receive an email with a write-up of your reading.


Reviews of my readings:

"Chris's rune reading shed light on some internal struggles of mine and helped me release an old fear I was hanging on to. I don't have a lot of knowledge about runes, and Chris explained everything perfectly! I'm very grateful for my reading." -- Laura V.

"Back when Chris did my reading, we focused on my job life, and it was bang on. The advice she gave applied amazingly well (without my trying to shoehorn meaning in that wasn't there!) I found myself looking for a new job unexpectedly and was offered one that I had misgivings about. Not taking it was the right choice and the rune reading helped point me in a far better direction." -- Kate D.