Pirate Collection: JOLLY ROGER

Pirate Collection: JOLLY ROGER
Ahoy mateys! Nothing quite says summer like the adventure of pirate lore. This summer, Sihaya and Company will release a five-scent collection dedicated to those nefarious seafarers and their most famous ports of call.

JOLLY ROGER: A pirate's flag was the Jolly Roger, and contrary to popular belief, each captain's was different. The one that endures in modern memory is the iconic skull and crossbones design, a variant of which was flown by pirates such as Edward England, John Taylor, and "Black" Sam Bellamy. The name itself comes from pirates Bartholomew Rogers and Francis Spriggs, neither of whom flew a skull and crossbones flag. 

A bracing scent: tart grapefruit, rosemary, and garden mint. 
This 8oz candle tin measures 3" wide by 2" deep, and holds approximately 6.5 oz of wax by weight. The wax is topped with an overspray of iridescent glitter. The glitter used in my candles is safe for use in candles, and the ultrafine particles will also not clog your wick.
$ 11.00