Tam Lin Charity Collection: TAM LIN

Tam Lin Charity Collection: TAM LIN

"And ance it fell upon a day

A cauld day and a snell,
When we were frae the hunting come,
That frae my horse I fell,
The Queen o' Fairies she caught me,
In yon green hill do dwell.

"And pleasant is the fairy land,
But, an eerie tale to tell,
Ay at the end of seven years,
We pay a tiend to hell,
I am sae fair and fu o flesh,
I'm feard it be mysel.

"But the night is Halloween, lady,
The morn is Hallowday,
Then win me, win me, an ye will,
For weel I wat ye may.

"Just at the mirk and midnight hour
The fairy folk will ride,
And they that wad their true-love win,
At Miles Cross they maun bide."
-- "Tam Lin," Child Ballad Version 39A
The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, 1882-1898 by Francis James Child

TAM LIN: The scent of an earthly knight, ensnared by the fae and doomed to a grisly fate. Tart juniper berry, green apple, woodland vines, and cassia spice.

The 8oz candle is presented in a tin with artwork by Joanna Barnum (http://www.joannabarnum.com). Hand blended and poured in small batches, it will be beautifully crafted-- an Autumnal ochre decorated with a shimmering glitter overspray!


$5 from every candle sold in the Tam Lin trio (essentially, the entire profit of each candle) will be donated to Planned Parenthood.  The donation will be in memory of my dear friend Abigail, who passed away on November 9, 2016. 
Let me tell you a little about Abby. Abby was one of the fiercest women I have ever known. I first met her through her website, Tam-Lin.org, which is a treasure trove for those who love the ballad, as I do. As she was local to me, we became good friends, and she was a stalwart source of love, comfort, and support to me, as she was to many others, for over a decade. I loved her very much. 

One of the things Abby was passionate about was womens' healthcare. She donated to Planned Parenthood and Doctors Without Borders on a regular basis. She donated her time to the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, and she used her body as a shield to protect women from truly unconscionable harassment. Through her years of service, she aided hundreds of women. 
This trio is in memory of a wonderful woman who knew her own mind, and protected others with her generosity and strength. She was, down to her very core, a good person who believed firmly in right and wrong. Here's to you, Abby. The world will miss you, and I will, too.
$ 11.00