The Halloween Box: BLEAKTHORN HALL
Sihaya and Company

The Halloween Box: BLEAKTHORN HALL

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The ancient wrought iron gates are wound with sharp thorns. The bare branches of trees rise through the mist, jabbing towards the house in the distance. Lights flicker dimly within, and you recall the stories. The ghostly footfalls, the woman on the stairs, the howling across the moors at midnight. Surely, they're just tales, told to frighten children at night. Right?

BLEAKTHORN HALL is our love letter to gothic horror.

This box will be available for pre-order on September 4. It will ship in the third week of October.

  • A 3.5 oz salt soap bar from Athame and Alchemy An Enchanted Athenaeum: The atmospheric scent of a dark, manor library with ancient paper pages, decrepit parchment scrolls, iron-locked grimoires bound in leather, weathered oak bookshelves, a lamplit gothic desk with dip pens, oak gall ink, and, strangely, a plate with a fresh yet half-eaten plum.
  • A 2 oz lotion from Creams from the Crypt. October Winds: Crisp autumn air and clove.
  • A set of adhesive wax seals from Crimson Hour in a haunted Victorian theme.
  • A 5ml perfume from Death & Floral. Fragments of Ruins: Autumn oudh blended with hay absolute, ghostly musk, dark black soil, crumbling brick powder, and wet mossy stones.
  • A 1 oz bag of loose leaf tea from Dryad Tea. Black Cats And Pointy Hats: A black tea with deep apple, pomegranate, and mulled spice. Perfect for the harvest season.
  • A 2 oz bar of artisan chocolate from Immortal Mountain. Dark Woods: Satisfy that deep, dark craving with a rich and raw dark chocolate. This bar contains the finest quality heirloom cacao blended with a loving touch of organic maple sugar and organic reishi & lion's mane mushrooms.
  • An 8 oz glittering candle tin from Sihaya And Company The Woman In Black: A haunting, hypnotic blend. A spectral vanilla musk infused with spiced honey, white cedar, oud, and tonka bean.
  • A 4 oz room spray from Sihaya & Company: Blackbriar Coven: Darkest blackberry, tart blackcurrant, patchouli and tobacco incense, and a hint of woodsmoke under the moonlight.

Pre-orders will last until the end of September or until all 50 units are sold.