Gathered beneath the gibbous moon, we raise our arms to the sky. Come join us. 

Welcome to Sisterhood of the Moon, our carefully-curated Halloween box brimming with witchy indie delights! This box will pre-order in the month of September and will ship in early October, just in time to prep for your Samhain bonfire!

This box features some items returning from last year's Sisterhood box, along some wonderful new collaborators!

  • Arcana Wildcraft will contribute a 5ml exclusive perfume. Hexen Moon:The atmospheric scent of wild, dark conjurings in the woods under a full moon. Wildcrafted black spruce, organic vetiver, blood cedar, balsam fir, Port Orford cedar, smoky oudh, bitter wormwood, lightly sugared pumpkin, and burning mallow. 
  • Bird Ov Prey will contribute one of their fantastic gothic enamel pins. 
  • Dem Bones will contribute a small package of their phenomenal skull-shaped sugar cubes. 
  • Dryad Tea will contribute an ounce of their delectable black tea. Black Cats and Pointy Hats. All things autumn, mulled spices and apples. Delightful with honey and great to drink as crisp leaves fall from trees ready to sleep for the season. 
  • Kore Herbal Alchemy will contribute a full-size 2 oz jar of their organic, all natural glacial silt and juniper facial scrub, Rune.  
  • Sophi Reaptress will contribute one of her ghoulish vegan lotion bars! 
  • The Potion Cabinet will contribute one of their gorgeously witchy Moon Magick bath bombs scented with an intoxicating blend of cedar, woods, citrus, and musk. 
  • Sihaya & Company will contribute a pitch black candle tin topped in an iridescent glitter overspray. Sisterhood of the Moon: Amber, crackling fires, woody oakmoss, and warm vanilla.

    Please note that any other items purchased in your box order (candles, jewelry) will ship at the same time as your box.
$ 65.00