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The nights grow cold, apples fall from their trees, and every lane is bejeweled with flickering jack o' lanterns. The Sisterhood meets at dusk in the wood. Will you join us?
The 2019 Halloween box. We are excited to feature:

  • A magical 4oz bath spell by Cattail Apothecary. Awaken Intuituon Ritual Bath Potion: Mugwort, mullein, lavender, clove, clary sage, yarrow and patchouli greet your senses and awaken your intuition. Perfect for use before meditation sessions, divination or sleep especially as the veil thins around Halloween/Samhain. Note: This product contains a small amount of yarrow, which may not be suitable for pregnant women.
  • An ounce of delectable black tea by Dryad Tea. Black Cats and Pointy Hats: All things autumn, mulled spices and apples. Delightful with honey and great to drink as crisp leaves fall from trees ready to sleep for the season.
  • A 4oz artisan soap bar, The Augur, by Little and Grim. Botanomancy: Fruit-laced herbal smoke and spicy glowing embers. Notes of fig, apple, lemon, ginger, sage, frankincense, caramel, cinnamon, and smoke.
  • An 8oz artisan candle by Sihaya & Company. The Thinning of the Veil: Carved pumpkins, smoky oudh, black amber and smoldering dragon's blood resin.
  • A .15oz lip tint by Sihaya & Company. Sisterhood of the Moon: An enchanting sheer blackberry with entrancing sparkle. This item contains beeswax, but no carmine.
  • A 6ml perfume oil by Sixteen92. The Witching Hour: Dense fog, charcoal ash, a burned cedar chest, sacred willow, knotted roots, silver needle, and a salt circle beneath a starless sky.
  • A gorgeous enamel pin inspired by Black Phillip by The Pickety Witch.
Pre-orders will open on this box September 4, 2019 and run through September 30th. The boxes will ship in time to be received by Halloween. If you place an order that also contains candles or other items, they will ship with your order.