The Secret Menu 2023
The Secret Menu 2023
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The Secret Menu 2023

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Welcome to the Secret Menu!

Every year, I sweep through my collection of oils that remain from previous limited edition candles to see what can be made from them, slightly discounted, so that they do not go to waste, and so that lovers of older scents get a chance at more.

These scents are limited, and first come, first served. They are only available in 8oz candle tins. When possible, they will have their original label, but they will largely have professionally-printed labels with a handwritten name.


7 am Zoom Call: Bright enough to get you moving, but smooth enough to keep you chill. Lemon and sweet orange kissed by golden amber. 
Angelica: Her scent clung to everything she touched. Sandalwood, oranges, and incense. 
A(U)RA: Fresh peaches, raspberry cream, pink magnolia blossoms, and soothing coconut milk.
Autumnvale Cafe: The scent of a corner coffee shop in fall: pumpkin spice lattes and cinnamon chai. 
Black Flame Candle Resurrected: 
A sinister witches' cottage with overflowing orchards and gnarled herbs. Darkest blackberry, spiced pear, bay leaf, and smoking resins
Black-Winged Angels: Be cautious when summoning the naphaïm, who possess a terrifying beauty. Vetiver, black musk, dry amber, and a dribble of black cherry. 
Charmed Life: Tea rose, French vanilla cream, sugared lemon, and a hint of jasmine.
Dirty Chai: Espresso, strong black tea, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon sticks, clove, anise, a spoon of sugar, and a swirl of cream. 
Egyptian Kyphi: Frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, cardamom, wine, honey, juniper berries, and a touch of pine. 
Equinox Reborn:  Softly falling leaves pair perfectly with a mug of hot apple cider spiced with clove and ginger. 
Hallowe'en Tradition: Smashed pumpkins, fallen leaves, and the smoke of a candle blown out too early. 
Hocus Pocus: 
Hijinks on Halloween night! Pumpkin cupcakes with buttercream frosting, and a single candy corn on top! 
I'm Not A F*cking Mermaid!: Sun-warmed leather, a swirl of tobacco leaf, musky sandalwood, and a slash of spice. 
La Petite Mort: Ripe, fleshy plum, skin musk, blood red roses, soft incense, and blackened amber.
Lavender Latte: A warm cup of espresso, lavender syrup, and sweet steamed milk. 
Lemon Creme Bars: Tart lemons blend with a swirl of cream on a crumbly shortbread base.
Like A Song on the Breeze:  A juicy, uplifting tropical melange of papaya, mango, pineapple, and sage. 
Log Cabin Summer: Campfire smoke, evergreen forest, dirt, and warm summer evening air. 
London Fog: The perfect drink for a drizzly, gray day. Steaming hot Earl Grey tea with a dollop of vanilla cream. 
Lychee, Palm Leaf, & Fig: An uplifting tropical blend of juicy lychee fruit, decadent fig, red berries, and cool palm leaf. 
Mademoiselle Fleury: Decadent cake with rich vanilla swirls, coconut milk, and a drizzle of peach nectar icing.
Murder Bunny: Decadent shortbread cookies topped with costly marchpane, then paired with rich red berry jam.
Nell Gwynn: A blood orange margarita with salt around the rim, and a chaser of sparkling fruit wine.
Orphic Lodge: A forest of birch, oak, and chestnut, sun-warmed cedarwood, patchouli, suede, and the lingering touch of ancient incense. 
Pas De Deux: A sugary-sweet confection of sparkling sugar cookies on a bed of golden amber.

Persephone Descending: Pomegranate, cranberry, and just a touch of dragon's blood to soften the edges. 
Practical Magic: Lavender, sage, garden mint, and sea salt.
Scarlet Rose: A freshly-cut bouquet of lush, velvety roses with subtle notes of burgundy wine and black pepper.
She Is Still A Mystery: Vanilla musk, golden amber, and smoky dragon's blood resin, with touches of black tea, coriander, and jasmine. 
Smile Like A Sharp Blade: Rich mahogany, velvety golden amber resin, leather, the vanillic tang of old ink and paper, and an undercurrent of cold steel. 
Spring Tea Party: Earl Grey and green teas sweetened with lavender honey and apple. 
The Divine: The wafting scent of smoldering ecclesiastic resins, esoteric antiquities, and creeping oakmoss. 
The Revenge: Creaking cherry wood, wisps of smoke from an impractical fireplace, a fine flag fluttering in sea salty air, and a bit of orange zest. 
The Woman In Black: A haunting, hypnotic blend. A spectral vanilla musk infused with spiced honey, white cedar, oud, and tonka bean.
Underworld: Crimson red wine, pomegranate seeds, fallen camellia blossoms, white sandalwood, and smoked vetiver. 
Veronica Franco: Blush apples, peach blossoms, golden lilies, grapefruit, amaranth, and jasmine.
Winterdark: Apple peel for divination, white birch, fireplace embers, and a soft swirl of nutmeg and mace.