The Spring Box: REKINDLE
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The Spring Box: REKINDLE

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The first flowers are beginning to poke through the earth in pale hues of ivory and yellow, heralding the arrival of Spring. The grip of the Cailleach loosens as Brigid brings her warmth and fecundity to the soil. The spark within that lay dormant through the winter begins to renew. 

Spring is a time to set intentions, to plant seeds, to gently nurture our creativiity back to life. This box aims to do just that: to help you attune to your desires and needs for the year ahead so that they can be profoundly realized.

This box will be available for pre-order on Feb 6. It will ship by March 21.

  • A 4 oz sugar scrub from Birch & Besom The last snowdrop sheds its petals, shattering the long winter silence and awakening spirits from their slumber. Cozy yawns are replaced with gleeful squeals, as the vernal return of the fruit blossoms is cause for sunlit jubilation among the forest fae. Fae Blossom: Juicy mandarins, silky orchid blossoms and dragon fruit dew, nestled on a bed of sandalwood and sheer amber musk.
  • A 5ml perfume from Deconstructing Eden. Resurgence: The last of the snowdrops, the first dew covered shoots of grass, lily of the valley, freesia, a cool misty Spring morning, and fertile soil.
  • A trio of lollipops from returning favorite, Leccare Lollipops.
  • A bar of luxurious glycering soap by Paintbox Soapworks Digging for Fire: Charred cassia, sandalwood incense, burnt sugar, & a curl of woodsmoke. Contains cinnamon.
  • A glittering 8 oz candle by Sihaya & Company. Rekindle: Gently nurture the return of your creativity with a steaming mug of oat milk spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, star anise, chamomile, and a dollop of honey.
  • A tube of Sihaya & Company's moisturizing lip color. Snapdragon: a soft pink shot through with lilac shimmer.
  • A planner notepad, washi tape, and floral sticker to help you organize your thoughts from Splitmoon Studios.
Pre-orders will last until the end of February or until all 50 units are sold.