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Travel back through the mists of legend to the ancient fortress of Camelot, home to King Arthur and his court. Journey with the knights of the Round Table to find the fabled Holy Grail, cast a spell with the enigmatic Morgan Le Fay, and seek the mythical sword Excalibur from Nimue, the Lady of the Lake. 

RETURN TO CAMELOT beckons you on a quest of magic and wonder. Will you rise?

This box will be available for pre-order on February 9th until March 3rd. It will ship on (approximately) March 23rd.


  • A full sized perfume by Deconstructing Eden Morgana Le Fay - Soft moss, oak wood and leaves, Hawthorne berries, orris root, and, dark purple irises.
  • A 1 oz bag of loose leaf tea by Dryad Tea. Knight's Steed: Rich chocolate and nutty pistachio mesh together in this stunning black tea and pu’erh blend. 
  • A 4 oz Bubble Wash by Luvmilk, which can be used as body wash, bubble bath, hand soap, or shampoo!  Holy Grail: Almonds and sweet bread dusted with cinnamon and then drizzled with honey.
  • An enchanted beeswax candle by Nui Cobalt DesignsLady of the Lake: An incendiary spell to bring guidance and support for making important decisions. It illuminates the path to the best possible outcome and attracts allies along the way. Handmade natural beeswax candle rolled with finely ground magical herbs. Approximate burn time: 7 hours.
  • A full sized bar of luxurious glyerin soap from Paintbox Soapworks The Coils of the Dragon: Beware the promises of Merlin, for they twist in ways unknown by man. Smoky dragon's blood, guaiac wood, and oud, amber, cedar, and red musk, blazing fire glinting off silver & steel.
  • An 8 oz glittering candle tin by Sihaya & Company. The Green Knight: Verdant moss, rain-soaked soil, ancient cedar, and soft green herbs.
  • A tube of moisturizing lip color by Sihaya & Company. Courtly Love: A fleetingly sheer rose red with a deliectable lemon rosewater scent.
  • A gorgeously detailed notebook designed by Megan Wyreweden of The Creeping Moon. The Wanderer: a foil-accented B6 dot grid journal featuring a rider facing a medieval castle as dragons circle overhead. 208 pages.

Pre-orders will last until March 3rd or until all 50 units are sold.