The Summer Box: INTO THE DEEP
Sihaya and Company

The Summer Box: INTO THE DEEP

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Sail with us upon the sea to discover the mysteries of the deep! Long have there been tales of singing sirens, gigantic monsters, and shape-shifting miracles beneath the waves.

This box will be available for pre-order on May 2nd. It will ship mid-June. 


  • An enchanting perfume by Astrid Perfume.  Nereids: luminous ocean water, sweet kelp, whispers of temple incense, cypress, salt-crusted wood, and warm breeze accord.
  • A mesmerizing duochrome highlighter by Crow and Pebble. Allur'd to Destruction: A loose powder highlighter in radiant gold shimmer that shifts to seafoam, evocative of the shapeshifting Kelpie that charms its prey as a beautiful person and then abducts them to the depths of the sea.  
  • A set of four postcard prints by acclaimed watercolorist, Joanna Barnum. Big Blue Octopus, Chambered Nautilus, Green Sea Turtle, and Sea Nettle Jellyfish. The 5" x 7" flat cards feature vivid artwork on one side and a matte blank back, perfect for filling out as a postcard, or framing for display.
  • A trio of delectable confections by Leccare Lollipops. Blueberry Lemonade, Margarita Sea Salt, and Island Dream. 
  • A light, creamy 4 oz lotion by Luvmilk.  Shark God: Pineapple shave ice capped with condensed milk, a drizzle of thick honey, and a sugared mint leaf; enjoyed by the beach.
  • An 8 oz glittering candle by Sihaya & Company. Release The Kraken!: A roiling sea of salty foam, mingled with the tropical scent of mango, tangerine, and palm leaf. 
  • An iridescent glass pendant Wyrding Studios Sirens In The Seafoam: a pendant with three shimmering mermaid glass beads, one for each of the Graeae Sisters, strung on a deep blue ribbon necklace. 

Pre-orders will last until the end of May or until all 50 units are sold.