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Mists roll across ancient hillsides, portending the coming snow. Evergreen and pine sway in the icy breeze. But under the hill, the sidhe prepare their revels. Glass chandeliers glitter with dripping tapers. The banquet halls are set with ripe fruits shimmering with sugar. Silks and taffetas gleaming in the flickering light of the hearthfire. And in their eyes, mischief.

SIDHE SOLSTICE offers many temptations. Do you dare?

This box will be available for pre-order on November 2nd. It will ship mid-December.


  • A 12.5 oz sugar scrub from Birch & Besom. Dryad in Mourning: A lone dryad grieves the death of the Sun God. Distant memories of sweet orange blossoms are stifled by frozen rain and midwinter gloom. She weeps for lost summer love, languishing in dark forests. Notes: rain-soaked spruce tips, icy mountain air, frosted oranges.
  • A 5ml perfume oil from Nui Cobalt Designs. Winter Court: A sinister scent trails behind Unseelie beings who haunt the forest at Yuletide. Frozen wild roses abounding in thorns, musk mallow, meadowsweet, bitter almond, and white clover.
  • A 1.75 oz bag of loose leaf tea from Old Growth Alchemy. Solstice Court: A gathering of the Fae courts during wintertide calls for a grand feast. A delicate oolong swirls with sweet and woodsy cedar to make a lush base for rich plummy elderberry and sweet soft apple. Allspice adds a touch of baked spices with a kiss of smoke from the winter fires with lapsang souchong. 
  • A 6 oz bar of luxury glycerin soap from Paintbox SoapworksThe Cailleach: Frost-rimed birch forests, sharp winter winds, the musk of the red deer, & an offering of rosemary, sweet bay, & allspice.
  • A tube of our moisturizing lip color by Sihaya & Company. Winterspell: A vivid sheer plum with color-shifting sparkle. Sparkling sugar scented.
  • A glittering 8 oz candle tin by Sihaya & Company. Sidhe Solstice: Scarlet winter berries simmering with orange peel and spice, fairy cakes decorated in swirls of shimmering sugar, and a cascade of effervescent ice wine.
  • A nine piece pâte de fruits collection from Virtuoso Confections. Each box will contain three winter fruit flavors. 

Pre-orders will last until the end of November or until all 50 units are sold.