Candles: Gardens After The Storm

The turnaround time for candles is currently two weeks.

Our candles are available in candle tin or glass tumbler format.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may occasionally receive a professionally-printed label with a handwritten scent name, similar to what is used in the Secret Menu candles. We are experiencing delays from our label printing service, and would rather not hold up your orders. If you feel strongly about receiving a particular label, please email us at and we will do our best to accomodate your request.


Welcome to the Gardens After The Storm collection.

The name comes from a chat I had with my friend Rissa recently. She asked if the collection had a theme, as mine usually do. And I said that no, there was no theme, and it had me feeling a bit unmoored. But I thought it was important in this time to be able to make whatever was in my heart to make without restraint. I told her that in a way, these scents are my quarantine diary, each moods and moments and longings captured as scents. I sketched out for her what the names and scents would be, as I was close to finishing them.

And she responded, "It's all gardens after a storm. The storm is the world, the virus. The garden is all of us trying to grow through it with the sweetness of kind hearts. I see that cohesion."

And so there's my theme, the one I hadn't even realized I was forming. Gardens After The Storm.