About Our Candles

Here you will find limited edition candles! With unique, hand-blended fragrances (no stock oils here!), these candles are made from a special blend of paraffin waxes specifically created to burn long, burn clean, and maximize scent. They have braided cotton wicks, and as a special finishing touch, feature a sparkling overspray of iridescent, candle-safe glitter!  

They burn for approximately 30-35 hours. We suggest burning the candle for about 2 hours the first time you light it so that the entire top layer liquifies. As the candle burns down, the candle will liquefy much easier (and the glitter will float on top!), but the first time a complete layer of liquid wax is necessary so you don't get a tunnelling effect and shorten the life of your candle! 

Our Current Collections:

The Autumn Collection - Available until November 15
The Favorites Collection - Semi-permanent, scents may rotate periodically
The Halloween Collection - Available until November 15
The Lunar Collection - Semi-permanent
The Runes Collection, Part 1 - Semi-permanent
The Winter Collection - Available until January 31st
The Wizarding Collection - Available until December 31