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The medieval world was no fun. Drudgery, poverty, plague. Right? Well, yeah.

But it was also full of humor, revelry, and absurdity as well! We must look no further than some of the period's marginalia - the drawings that monks and other scribes often doodled at the edges of their decorated pages - to see some of this humor. They are filled with delightful images of knights fighting snails, murderous bunny rabbits (one of the West's first memes!), nuns gardening and flying upon penises, and quite literal butt trumpets. The folk tunes of the day were often equally as lewd! So for this box, we take a foray into the past to uncover some of the lighter aspects of the age: The (Not So) Dark Ages!

Cost: $65


  • A trio of notecards from Bingham & Bloom featuring some of the era's more amusing marginalia.
  • An eau de parfum from Deconstructing Eden. Sex or Cake:  Passion has to go somewhere - and for the women cloistered in the Dark ages, this often meant (literally) divine pastries and sweets. Inspired by Struffoli - "Sex or Cake" is deep fried balls of citrus zest spiked dough, drenched in honey and, dusted with hazelnuts.
  • A bar of vegan, coconut-free soap by Dreaming Tree WorkshopTotally Not A Witch: A blend of jasmine, herbs, black tea, incense and cauldron smoke. 
  • An ounce of loose tea by Dryad Tea. Strawberry Imp:  Black tea, strawberry, papaya pieces, strawberry pieces, freeze dried strawberries, heather flowers, blackberry leaves.
  • A 6 oz sorbetto sugar scrub by Paintbox Soapworks Illuminated Dick Joke: A proud shaft of ruddy cedar & cypress showered in orange blossom honey & red musk, gilded with amber.
  • A hard enamel marginalia pin by PS Brooks Illustration.
  • A moisturizing lip color by Sihaya & Company. Earthly Delights: A warm rosy peach shot through with delicate rose gold shimmer.
  • An 8 oz candle tin by Sihaya & Company. Murder Bunny: Decadent shortbread cookies topped with costly marchpane, then paired with rich red berry jam.

All photos taken by The Redolent Mermaid and used with permission.