About Sihaya & Company

Hello, and welcome to Sihaya and Company!

Sihaya & Company is run by Christina Allen Page, who began her indie journey as a jewelry artist. Seeking to expand her creative horizons, Christina began blending her own scents and selling hand-poured candles in 2014.

In 2015, she released a limited edition box of curated treats centered around her candles. It was a very rewarding experience, so she decided to enlist other indie makers, many of them friends, to launch a new venture: the Sihaya & Company Seasonal Box.  Since then, the company has expanded to offer themed candle collections, jewelry, and bath and body.

We pride ourselves on supporting independent artisans and businesses. Shopping small makes a huge impact on artists, craftspeople, and the owners of unique stores. We are currently based in Ellicott City, Maryland on our famous and storied Main Street. While we do not have a brick and mortar storefront, some of the wonderful shops in our town carry our wares. Please follow our social media for updates!


If you would like to contact us, please email us at SihayaAndCompany@gmail.com