Current Candle Scent List

A listing of all currently-available candles. For a complete listing of all candles released, past and present, see our Complete Candle Scent List.

The Spring Collection: February 2023

Cardamom & Vanilla Sugar:
Spicy cardamom pod and vanilla bean-infused sugar. Profile: Gourmand, Spicy, Vanilla.
Ginger & Wild Peach: Juicy, ripe peaches spiced with fiery ginger root. Profile: Fruity.
Lavender Milk: Soft, sweet lavender paired with vanilla-infused milk. Profile: Gourmand, Herbal, Vanilla.
Pistachio & Rose Cream Macaron:
A delectable confection of nutty pistachio macaron paired with rose cream icing. Profile: Floral, Gourmand.
Tulip Fields & Sunshine: 
A gorgeous fresh floral with notes of tulip, peony, green fern, and a warm breeze. Profile: Atmospheric, Floral, Fresh.
Tuscan Herb & Citron:
A garden of olive, cypress, and rosemary intertwined with tart, lemony citron. Profile: Fruity, Herbal.

The Favorites Collection: Semi-Permanent

Afterglow: Sandalwood, toasted coconut, shea butter, and warm skin musk. Profile: Gourmand, Vanilla, Woods.
Brigid's Fire: Cinnamon, clove bud, amber, tonka bean, and oak leaves.
Conversations with the Moon: Lavender, tonka bean, sage, chamomile, and a pinch of sea salt.  Profile: Fresh, Herbal.
Dark Academia: Golden amber, teakwood, white cedar, leatherbound books, and a touch of caramel.  Profile: Atmospheric, Resin/Incense, Woods.
Dea Verus: Utcunque placurit Dea verus. As it pleases the true Goddess: a bouquet of redolent blooms. Purple hyacinth, jasmine, narcissus, poppy, and vibrant green stems. Profile: Floral, Fresh.
Ember & Mallow: Vanilla marshmallows toasted over a smoky Autumn bonfire. Profile: Gourmand, Smoky, Vanilla.
Full Moon: The scent of fecundity, firm intentions, and fulfilled promises. Toasted almond, dripping honey, and smoked vanilla. Profile: Vanilla, Gourmand.
Gardens After The Storm: Rainwater, cool air, sweetgrass, wood violet, basil, sage, thyme, and fresh soil. Profile: Fresh, Herbal, Atmospheric.
Ginger Fox: Freshly-toasted cinnamon bread with a sprinkle of candied ginger. Profile: Gourmand, Spicy.
Hidden Oasis: Cactus blossom, aloe, sweet agave, and delicate desert ghost flower. Profile: Atmospheric, Fresh.
I Am Here, I Am Whole: Resinous amber, lush benzoin, warm oud, soft sandalwood, and a gentle hint of nag champa incense. Profile: Resin/Incense.
In Darkwoods Wild: The intoxicating scent of a hidden wildwood. Blackberry, red currant sage, cedar, soft moss, and curling ferns. Profile: Fruity, Herbal, Woods.
Morning Ritual: Start your day off right with the intoxicating sent of freshly-brewed coffee and warm cinnamon buns. Mmmmmm. Profile: Gourmand, Spicy.
Of The Wave: She came from the waves on one fateful night. And her emergence would change the world. Cypress, ocean rose, Mediterranean figs, juniper berry, and the salt tang of the ocean. Profile: Atmospheric, Aquatic.
Sisterhood of the Moon: Amber, crackling fires, woody oakmoss, and warm vanilla. Profile: Resin/Incense, Smoky, Vanilla Woods.
The Green Knight: Verdant moss, rain-soaked soil, ancient cedar, and soft green herbs. Profile: Herbal, atmospheric, woods.
The Night Market: Cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, roasted chestnut, and rich cream.  Profile: Spicy, Gourmand, Vanilla
Vespertina: Lavender sprigs, sage, cedar, muskmallow ambrette, and incense smoke.  Profile: Herbal, Resin/Incense.

The Dragon Age Collection: Semi-Permanent

Elven Temple: Radiant golden-green amber backed by a shimmering mosaic of heliotrope, oakmoss, galbanum, bergamot, and guaiac wood. Profile: Atmospheric, Herbal, Resin / Incense.
Hold The Sky: Snow-capped pine, shivering mountainous winds, and a faint wisp of hearth smoke from the great hall. Profile: Atmospheric, Fresh, Woods.
The Commander: Oakmoss, elderflower, golden amber resin, and oud wood. Profile: Atmospheric, Herbal, Resin / Incense, Woods.
The Dales: Green leaves, nectarine, river stone, star jasmine, and meadow grass. Profile: Atmospheric, Fruity, Woods.
The Dawn Will Come: An uplifting, hopeful blend of grapefruit, yuzu, and gentle mint straight from the chantry garden. Profile: Fresh, Fruity, Herbal.
The Hanged Man: Leather, tobacco, brown liquor, and spice. Profile: Atmospheric, Woods.
Veilfire: Lime blossom, damp moss, eucalyptus, and white jasmine. Profile: Atmospheric, Fruity, Floral.