Current Candle Scent List

A listing of all currently-available candles. For a complete listing of all candles released, past and present, see our Complete Candle Scent List.

The 2024 Fan Collection: June 2023

Book Dragon: 
Inspired by overflowing libraries. The vanillic tang of lignin from well-read pages, a cozy mug of steaming black tea with honey, and the subtle scents of leather and cedar.
Breakfast In the Garden: Pink grapefruit backed by dew sparkling on ripe strawberries, basil, and tomato leaf.
Campagna Italiana: Orange blossom, lemon, basil, mint, cypress, salt, and leather.
Paint It Black: Black patchouli, bourbon vanilla, cherries, nag champa.
Singing Scent: Rose, iris, jasmine, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, vanilla, and cedar.
Spring Tea Party: Earl Grey and green teas sweetened with lavender honey.

The Mystic Moods Collection: March 2023

Bright satusma mingles with sandalwood, petitigrain, and cotton blossom. 
Dante's Prayer: Blue dendrobium orchid intertwined with vanilla musk and whisper-soft amber.  
Forest Hymn: A gently spiced blend of botanical treasures - cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, fir needle, and anise sweetened with (synthetic) wildflower honey. 
Halcyon & On & On: A hypnotic blend of honeysuckle, vanilla, coconut musk, and golden hour sunshine.
May It Be: A twilight blend of moonflower accord, creeping moss, and canopy of redwood. 
Orinoco Flow: An anxiety-busting blend of plumeria, orange blossom, sweet rain, and fresh ocean breezes. 
Return To Innocence: An earthy, incense-driven blend of woody sandalwood and palo santo accord with a touch of saffron.
Teardrop: A meditative blend of driftwood, sea grasses, salt air, and marine musk. 

The Favorites Collection: Semi-Permanent

Afterglow: Sandalwood, toasted coconut, shea butter, and warm skin musk. Profile: Gourmand, Vanilla, Woods.
Brigid's Fire: Cinnamon, clove bud, amber, tonka bean, and oak leaves.
Conversations with the Moon: Lavender, tonka bean, sage, chamomile, and a pinch of sea salt.  Profile: Fresh, Herbal.
Dark Academia: Golden amber, teakwood, white cedar, leatherbound books, and a touch of caramel.  Profile: Atmospheric, Resin/Incense, Woods.
Dea Verus: Utcunque placurit Dea verus. As it pleases the true Goddess: a bouquet of redolent blooms. Purple hyacinth, jasmine, narcissus, poppy, and vibrant green stems. Profile: Floral, Fresh.
Ember & Mallow: Vanilla marshmallows toasted over a smoky Autumn bonfire. Profile: Gourmand, Smoky, Vanilla.
Full Moon: The scent of fecundity, firm intentions, and fulfilled promises. Toasted almond, dripping honey, and smoked vanilla. Profile: Vanilla, Gourmand.
Ginger Fox: Freshly-toasted cinnamon bread with a sprinkle of candied ginger. Profile: Gourmand, Spicy.
Hidden Oasis: Cactus blossom, aloe, sweet agave, and delicate desert ghost flower. Profile: Atmospheric, Fresh.
I Am Here, I Am Whole: Resinous amber, lush benzoin, warm oud, soft sandalwood, and a gentle hint of nag champa incense. Profile: Resin/Incense.
In Darkwoods Wild: The intoxicating scent of a hidden wildwood. Blackberry, red currant sage, cedar, soft moss, and curling ferns. Profile: Fruity, Herbal, Woods.
Luna Moth: Gentle green tea, curling ferns, tangy lemongrass, and a briar of soft, rain-soaked petals. Profile: Atmospheric, Floral, Fresh, Herbal.
Morning Ritual: Start your day off right with the intoxicating sent of freshly-brewed coffee and warm cinnamon buns. Mmmmmm. Profile: Gourmand, Spicy.
Sisterhood of the Moon: Amber, crackling fires, woody oakmoss, and warm vanilla. Profile: Resin/Incense, Smoky, Vanilla Woods.
The Green Knight: Verdant moss, rain-soaked soil, ancient cedar, and soft green herbs. Profile: Herbal, atmospheric, woods.
The Night Market: Cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, roasted chestnut, and rich cream.  Profile: Spicy, Gourmand, Vanilla
Vespertina: Lavender sprigs, sage, cedar, muskmallow ambrette, and incense smoke.  Profile: Herbal, Resin/Incense.

The Dragon Age Collection: Semi-Permanent

Elven Temple: Radiant golden-green amber backed by a shimmering mosaic of heliotrope, oakmoss, galbanum, bergamot, and guaiac wood. Profile: Atmospheric, Herbal, Resin / Incense.
Hold The Sky: Snow-capped pine, shivering mountainous winds, and a faint wisp of hearth smoke from the great hall. Profile: Atmospheric, Fresh, Woods.
The Commander: Oakmoss, elderflower, golden amber resin, and oud wood. Profile: Atmospheric, Herbal, Resin / Incense, Woods.
The Dales: Green leaves, nectarine, river stone, star jasmine, and meadow grass. Profile: Atmospheric, Fruity, Woods.
The Dawn Will Come: An uplifting, hopeful blend of grapefruit, yuzu, and gentle mint straight from the chantry garden. Profile: Fresh, Fruity, Herbal.
The Hanged Man: Leather, tobacco, brown liquor, and spice. Profile: Atmospheric, Woods.