Wyrd Runic Oracle

Have you been interested in learning about the Runes? 

This kit contains three handmade wax melts, each of which contains a black tourmaline rune stone to guide and advise during divination. It is named for Wyrd (sometimes called Odin's rune), the blank rune that is included in many rune kits to represent the unknown.

The melts themselves are a custom parasoy blend delicately scented with black currant, smoked woods, amber, and soft spice. They will come with a parchment guide to help you interpret your runes.

SAFETY INFO: Please melt these only in an electric or tealight-powered wax melter. Do not add water or any additional oil. When the wax is melted, please gently remove the stone with a spoon or with tongs, and rinse under cold water.