Complete Candle Scent List


The Autumn Collection
These candles will pre-sale August 2017, for delivery mid-September. 

Welcome to Autumnvale: (BOX EXCLUSIVE): A warm welcome. Sugar maples rustling in the breeze and pumpkins on every stair. 

Autumnvale Cafe: The scent of a corner coffee shop in fall: pumpkin spice lattes and cinnamon chai. *
Autumnvale Harvest Festival: The scent of the harvest festival is cider donuts, and of course, a slice of the prize-winning apple pie. *
Autumnvale Library: A melange of polished woods, leather chairs, and the soft rustle of well-loved pages.

Amas Veritas:
In love, there is truth. A blend to draw love: ripe plum, pomegranate seeds, soft spices, vanilla cream, and rose petals floating on the breeze.
Ember & Mallow: Vanilla marshmallows toasted over a smoky Autumn bonfire.
Equinox: Ripe, red apples, sweet cider, and brisk fall air. *
Persephone Descending: Pomegranate, cranberry, and just a touch of dragon's blood to soften the edges. *
Samhain Dusk: Dry amber, cassia, clove, the smoke of distant bonfires, and the faintest breath of orange peel. *

* Denotes a returning scent.

The Halloween 2017 Collection will pre-sale in September 2017 for delivery mid-October.


The Fortune Teller Collection (Summer 2017)

Arcana: Blood orange shrouded in a haze of dragon's blood incense.
Futhark: The scent of a Scandinavian wildwood- fresh woods, lingonberry, and bayberry.
Ogham: Green fig, tart lemon, cedar, oak, musk, and cucumber.
Spirit Board: A rich and heady mix of dark chocolate, two ambers, vanilla bean pods, golden musk, and a smattering of arcane herbs.
The Cup of Fortune: A steaming mug of tannic black tea, perfumed delicately with aromas of rose, jasmine, and almond cream.
The Scrying Stone: An inscrutable accord of black stone, polished to a mirror finish. Oud, olibanum, bergamot, and dry amber.

The Pirate Collection (Summer 2017)

Black Tide: Shimmering waves beneath the barest sliver of a moon, this is the scent of the ocean at night. Salt water, driftwood, and the slightest warmth of amber.
Jolly Roger: A bracing scent: tart grapefruit, rosemary, and garden mint.
Nassau: A twist on a tropical classic-- Carribbean teakwood, lime, and coconut.
Port Royal: What's the point of a pirate collection without rum? Hot buttered rum spiced with cardamom.
Tortuga: The scent of the trade-- smoky clove, market spices, red cedar, well-worn leather, and a whisper of salt.

The Tam Lin Charity Collection (Spring 2017)

Janet: The scent of a woman who knows her own mind, and whose courage saved the life of her one true love. Two freshly-plucked roses and worn brown saddle leather.
Tam Lin: The scent of an earthly knight, ensnared by the fae and doomed to a grisly fate. Tart juniper berry, green apple, woodland vines, and cassia spice.
The Faery Queen: Beauty and power that makes your blood run cold. Night-blooming flowers, a moonlit path, and a dribble of something sinister.

The Spring Collection (Spring 2017)

Antique Sandalwood & Madagascar Vanilla: A warm blend of vanilla bean tempered by woody sandalwood. 
Blueberry Muffins & Lemon Sugar: Freshly baked blueberry muffins, with the tart sweetness of a sprinkling of lemon sugar.
Ginger & Wild Peach: Juicy, ripe peaches spiced with ginger root.
Honeycomb & Satsuma Orange: Satsuma orange with a drizzle of rich honey straight from the comb.
Lavender & Cream: Soft lavender made silky smooth with the addition of fresh cream and coconut milk.

The Bellydance Collection (March 2016, 2017)

Shimmy: Bright and sweet, this scent captures the joy of the shimmy. Moroccan orchid, wild poppy, and sugared amber with the slightest hint of juicy peach. 
Taqsim: A sultry, spicy blend of ginger and red saffron, deepened by rich bourbon vanilla. Utterly decadent.
Zaghareet: A bright, fresh, clear scent. Moroccan mint, lemon, and fresh basil.

The Winter Collection (Winter 2016)

Everwinter Woods: 
The scent of the mountains, shrouded in ice. A forest of evergreen and spruce, chilling ozone top notes of whipping winds, and a hint of shivering eucalyptus.
Gingerbread Streudel: Crispy, flaky dough piped with spicy gingerbread filling, and then topped with a dusting of cinnamon sugar!
Peppermint Hot Chocolate: A favorite of carolers, snugglers, and even Santa himself! Rich dark hot chocolate stirred with a candy cane!
Solstice: Honeyed figs, tart bayberry, and a steaming mug of Earl Grey tea.
The Cathedral of Winter: Rich amber swirled with frankincense and myrrh upon on a bed of soft balsam.
The Memory of Snow: Silky almond cream, delicate spun sugar, a dash of nutmeg, and the memory of snow.
Winter Cabin:  A rustic log cabin encircled by fir and birch trees, polished woods, and a faint whiff of spiced cider simmering over the hearth.
A classic home for the holidays scent. Pine boughs strung with orange clove pomanders and cranberries, and then merrily wound throughout the home!

The Halloween Collection (Autumn 2016)

Apophenia: The scent of an ancient leatherbound book, its delicate pages crawling with magical sigils, and the barest whiff of a very dignified cologne.
Hocus Pocus:  The scent of good witches everywhere: pumpkin cupcakes with buttercream frosting, and a single candy corn on top!

The Faery Queen Collection (Summer 2016)

Mab: Her scent is rich and seductive: a blend of three vanillas with kisses of mango and orange blossom. 
Nicnevin: Her scent is dark and brooding: Poisoned berries, red musk, and a hint of the tangled pines of a Scottish wildwood.
Titania: Her scent is bright, vibrant, and sparkling: pink mimosa, golden honeysuckle, sugared citrus, and the distant sound of laughter

The Arthurian Collection: (Summer 2016)

Avalon: The scent of a place you have never been, yet long to go. Egyptian musk, tempered with the juicy, fragrant apples of the sacred island. The barest hint of dragon's blood resin tethers it to the earth.
Guinevere: Her scent is one of innocence: oatmeal with milk and honey, topped with a swirl of strawberry jam and fresh peach.
Morgan Le Fay: Her scent is one of mystery and shadow, as she weaves her spell under cover of night. Blackberry, plum, and the smoke of dragon's blood smoldering upon the a
Nimue: Her scent is one of ancient waters and hidden shores, dotted with wizened woods, wild-grown herbs, and sacred sage. 

Box Exclusives: 

Persephone Rising: Ripening berries and juicy pomegranate upon a bower of sugared blossoms. (Spring 2017, the Persephone Rising box.)
Salon Des Oracles: Black amber, sandalwood, lavender, cedar, and vanilla. (Summer 2017, the Salon Des Oracles Box.)
Sisterhood of the Moon: Amber, crackling fires, woody oakmoss, and warm vanilla. (Autumn 2016, the Sisterhood of the Moon box.)

Previously-exclusive candles from the Spring 2016 Soft Awakening box have been re-issued in subsequent collections. Sisterhood of the Moon has been resurrected for a special event, and will return Halloween 2017.

Pre-Sihaya & Co Candles: released under the Sihaya Designs brand in 2014 & 2015. 

Amas: A scent to draw love. Vanilla cream, tea rose, and sweet lemon.
Amberlight: Sweet amber spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon.
Angelica: Her scent lingers long after she has gone. Sandalwood and oranges, intoxicating and indelible.
Autumn Rose: A blend of three roses: one crimson, one golden, and one burgundy velvet.
Autumnvale Bakery: Cider donuts with maple cream frosting, and pumpkin macarons with spiced vanilla filling!
Coven: Black apples wafting on the breeze, mingling with bonfire woods, spicy clove, and a hint of patchouli. 
Grimoire: An ancient leatherbound book, delicate singed pages crawling with magical sigils, and filled with specimens of moss and unusual flora.
Invocation: Manifest your desires. Two ambers, copal, and a touch of dragon's blood.
Santa's Visit: Cherry pipe smoke, still-warm hearth woods, and just a hint of balsam fir.
Sidhe Draoi: A scent to honor the dryads. Moss, fresh soil, green leaves, cedar, and a touch of amber. 
Winter Rose: A single red rose, freshly plucked and placed upon a bed of bayberry and balsam.