The Marshmallow Dreams Mini Box Is Now Available!

Hey everybody! I am thrilled to announce the limited mini-box is now available for purchase. Featuring a whipped soap from Buttercup Soaperie (an Ellicott City friend whose shop is on my street), a decadent layered sugar scrub from Sugar Spider (run by Brooke Perry, one of my oldest maker friends), and two products from us here at Sihaya & Company-- our Rose Petal Gelato scent in limited edition iridescent glass packaging, and a subtly shimmery lip balm with a delicious marshmallow scent.

There are 24 of these boxes up for grabs, and when they're gone, they're gone!

Additionally, there are three other marshmallow-sweet scents for you to try! Cardamom Mocha Marshmallow, Lavender Honey Marshmallow, and Lemon Creme Marshmallow are all available in limited quantites in our iridescent packaging, as well as in our regular tins and tumblers. You can also get Rose Gelato Marshmallow in a tin and tumbler (the iridescent packaging is exclusive to the mini box).

I hope to be able to offer more iridescent glass in the future, as soon as my supplier has them in stock again. Much like a plastics shortage has been hitting our favorite bath & body makers, the candle community has been facing glass shortages and long restock wait times. But if you miss out, don't worry. There will be similar products available at some point when I can get them again!

I have really been thinking of ways to make my unboxing experience a little more special, and I am beginning that journey with the mini box, which will be individually packaged within the larger shipping box with some extra special touches. I hope you love them!

ONE BIT OF EXTRA NEWS: Spell Weaving will be leaving the Favorites Collection at the end of February. I am working on updating the collection for 2021, and in March, I will have a small expansion. You will probably see a few renamed favorites from past collections pop back up, as well as a new blend or two. But if you're a fan of Spell Weaving, get it before it's gone! 

(Also, I will re-make older scents as custom orders in quantities of six or more per scent if none of the components are discontinued. If you have a beloved favorite you miss, this may be a way to get it again.)


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