The 2024 Fan Collection is Live!

I'm so excited to announce that the 2024 Fan Collection, as chosen by the members of Sihaya & Co Fans, is live!

This year there are a bevy of bright, fruity florals and zingy herbals, with one lone incense scent. A real break in tradition!

Book Dragon: Inspired by overflowing libraries. The vanillic-tang of lignin from well-read pages, a cozy mug of steaming black tea with honey, and the subtle scents of leather and cedar. Suggested by Toya S.

Breakfast In the Garden: Pink grapefruit backed by dew sparkling on ripe strawberries, basil, and tomato leaf. Suggested by Sarah M.

Campagna Italiana: Orange blossom, lemon, basil, mint, cypress, salt, and leather. Suggested by Susie C.

Paint It Black: Black patchouli, bourbon vanilla, cherries, nag champa. Suggested by Aubin R.

Singing Scent: Rose, iris, jasmine, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, vanilla, and cedar. Suggested by Katherine S.

Spring Tea Party: Earl Grey and green teas sweetened with lavender honey. Suggested by Sarah M.

Find yours at Sihaya & Company!

Other news:

-- PRIDE scents are now shipping. Those who preordered will start seeing shipping notifications later today.
-- The Mystic Moods candle collection will be live until the end of the month, when it will Orinoco Flow into the West. :)
--The Summer Box is on schedule and should ship late next week.


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