Happy Beltane! The Summer Box is Live!

Happy Beltane to those who celebrate! 

I'm excited to announce our Summer Box, an expansion of our Mystic Moods candle collection!

In it, you will find a shimmering roll of washi tape and coordinating sticker sheet by Archmichael, a pouch of calming, caffeine-free tea by Dryad Tea, a throwback celestial pendant on a decadent velvet cord by Minou Bazaar, a candle and room/linen mist by Sihaya & Company, a cult favorite perfume by Sorcellerie Apothecary, and a mystically-inspired wax melt by Willow Waxcraft.

The box will be available for presale until the end of May, or until all 50 sell out!

I've also decided to move the PRIDE candles to Presale this year, with delivery in June. These candles are time-consuming to craft, so giving myself a little extra lead time will help immensely, and you'll get to enjoy your candles early in the month if you order soon!

And finally, there is a new addition to the Favorites Collection, based on one of my favorite magical creatures!

Luna Moth: Gentle green tea, curling ferns, tangy lemongrass, and a briar of soft, rain-soaked petals.

I hope you have a lovely May Day! <3


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