The Spring Collection & The Secret Menu

Hey everybody! I hope everyone had some refreshing downtime after all the holly jolly. I know that it's still bitterly cold where most of us are, but snowdrops and daffodils are emerging, which means Spring is on the way! 

Firstly, the Spring Box is now live! This winter was pretty challenging for me, and I've been working on getting my groove back, so I chose an appropriate theme for where I'm at right now: Rekindle. That's my word of the year. Finding my spark and letting it burn.

This box has the goods to help you achieve that same mindset. We've got a sugar scrub by Birch and Besom, perfume by Deconstructing Eden, delicious lollipops by Leccare, a luxury glycerin soap by Paintbox Soapworks, planner stationery by Splitmoon Studios, and a candle and lip color by yours truly!

The Spring candle collection is also live. This year, I decided to shake things up a bit. Only one of the six scents on offer is returning. I wanted to try some new things out, and hopefully you'll love them as much as I do!

 Cardamom & Vanilla Sugar: Spicy cardamom pod and vanilla bean-infused sugar. Profile: Gourmand, Spicy, Vanilla.
Ginger & Wild Peach: Juicy, ripe peaches spiced with fiery ginger root. Profile: Fruity.
Lavender Milk: Soft, sweet lavender paired with vanilla-infused milk. Profile: Gourmand, Herbal, Vanilla.
Pistachio & Rose Cream Macaron:
 A delectable confection of nutty pistachio macaron paired with rose cream icing. Profile: Floral, Gourmand.
Tulip Fields & Sunshine: 
A gorgeous fresh floral with notes of tulip, peony, green fern, and a warm breeze. Profile: Atmospheric, Floral, Fresh.
Tuscan Herb & Citron: 
A garden of olive, cypress, and rosemary intertwined with tart, lemony citron. Profile: Fruity, Herbal.

And finally, The Secret Menu is live for 2024. After my holiday break ends, I inventory the oils I have that are from past collections that are still usable. I estimate how many candle tins I can make with each, and then put them up for sale, slightly discounted, for those who want a second chance at a beloved scent. 

Some of these are extremely limited, and they're first come, first served, so if you see something you want, don't wait. 

That's all that's fit to print!


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