The Winter Collection Has Arrived!

Hello all! I hope you had a very happy Halloween and a blessed Samhain if you celebrate! At Sihaya & Co, we're getting down to the business of Winter-- #makerlife! We have fun collabs coming down the pike with Poesie Perfume, Nui Cobalt Designs, and Paintbox Soapworks that should be announced in the next week or so, and our Winter collections are now out!

I did something this year that I've never done before-- I let my Facebook Fans Group suggest and vote on Winter themes! Susie G. came up with the theme that became Sidhe Solstice, our take on winter holidays in the faerie hill. We are featuring perfume from Nui Cobalt Designs, soap from Paintbox Soapworks, Tea from Old Growth Alchemy, forbidden sugared fruit from Virtuoso Confections, a sugar scrub from newcomers to our box, Birch and Besom, plus a candle and a lip color from yours truly! 

To read descriptions of what is included with the box, click here.

Also returning are favorites from past years for our Winter Collection

Aurora Borealis: A flurry of sparkling flakes, a serene blanket of white, and snow-blanketed trees reaching towards a magical night sky. Creamy vanilla buttercream kissed with peppermint candy canes and a touch of white woods. 
Courage, Comfort, & Joy: 
Glad tidings of warmth and hope. A collection of traditional wintertide scents to brighten the darkest nights. Mulberry, lingonberry, red apple, fir needle, and cozy wintry spices. 
Fireside Tales: 
This scent is in honor of the nearly-forgotten tradition of telling ghost stories around the Yuletide hearth. Crackling boughs of cedar and birch, glowing embers, and the soft spice of saffron.  
Northwind Forest: A pristine, snow-capped forest of balsam pine, winter winds, and a hint of frozen apples. 
The Court In Splendour: 
Glad Tidings from the King! The scent of the Tudor court at Yuletide. A festive blend of bayberry and tart cranberry on a bed of warm balsam and spice.  
Warm Woolen Mittens: 
Comfort in the coldest months. Warm wool, sprigs of lavender, and softly smoked vanilla. 

For our tiered limiteds, only one is returning from last year, and that's Solstice Night, the perfect candle to light for a cozy night in! And then there's Christmas Market, which will bring to mind memories of an open-air holiday market and all the delicious treats that await there!

Veni, Veni is our medieval-themed candle this year. Named after one of the oldest Christmas antiphons, it calls to mind traditions of yore. Woodland Midwinter is a solstice celebration in rustic style, set in a cozy cabin surrounded by the crunch of the year's fallen leaves.

And then there's the holiday season in Skyrim. I recently picked up the anniversary edition of the game, and of course every year once the weather turns cold, I pull out the Elder Scrolls Cookbook (which is quite good!)-- so suffice it to say that Skyrim has been on my mind lately! So of course our final tiered limited is Skyrim Saturalia, named after Tamriel's winter holiday season

And finally, the much asked-for return of The Tudor Collection! It contains one candle inspired by each of Henry VIII's unhappy wives. Would you like this collection to be expanded? Make sure you suggest your favorite Tudor lady!

That's all that's fit to print! May your November be warm and cozy!


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