Winter is Live at Sihaya & Co!

Greetings everybody! As you might have noticed by now, our site has undergone a revamp as we switch into Winter Mode! The Winter Box, The Winter Advent, and the Winter Collection of candles are now available for purchase.

Our Winter box, LUMINOUS NIGHTS, aims to help you find courage, comfort, and joy as the nights grow darker and colder. It features a scrumptious perfume by returning favorite, Poesie Perfume, sweet treats from Dryad Tea and Sweet Cascades Chocolatier, a stunning artisan soap from Blue Whistle Soap, a candle and lip tint from yours truly, and a wax seal and wizards' wax set from Daphinie over Apollo for all of your warm winter greetings!

(Image courtesy of Blue Whistle Soap.)

Hot on the heels of our sold-out Halloween tealight advent, we are offering WINTER LIGHTS, our Yuletide Advent. 

Expect 12 tealights (and maybe a special surprise!) with a holiday feel to light up your nights!

We have also launched our WINTER CANDLE COLLECTION-- both our regular editions and limited editions of our triple-layer candles. 


Aurora Borealis: 
A flurry of sparkling flakes, a serene blanket of white, and snow-blanketed trees reaching towards a magical night sky. Creamy vanilla buttercream kissed with peppermint candy canes and a touch of white woods. Profile: Fresh, Gourmand, Vanilla.

Courage, Comfort, & Joy: 
Glad tidings of warmth and hope. A collection of traditional wintertide scents to brighten the darkest nights. Mulberry, lingonberry, red apple, fir needle, and cozy wintry spices. Profile: Fruity, Spicy, Gourmand.

Fireside Tales: 
This scent is in honor of the nearly-forgotten tradition of telling ghost stories around the Yuletide hearth. Crackling boughs of cedar and birch, glowing embers, and the soft spice of saffron.  Profile: Woods, Smoky.

NEW! Northwind Forest: A pristine, snow-capped forest of balsam pine, winter winds, and a hint of frozen apples. Profile: Fresh, Fruity, Woods.

The Court In Splendour: Glad Tidings from the King! The scent of the Tudor court at Yuletide. A festive blend of bayberry and tart cranberry on a bed of warm balsam and spice.  Profile: Fruity, Spicy, Gourmand.

Warm Woolen Mittens: 
Comfort in the coldest months. Warm wool, sprigs of lavender, and softly smoked vanilla.  Profile: Herbal, Vanilla.

NEW! Winter Maiden: A thick forest of fir warmed by a heart of golden amber, lush red rose, and pink apple.  Profile: Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Woods.


Cookie Party!: The scent of cozy kitchen chaos! Top Layer: Sweet sugar cookies cooling on the rack. Middle Layer: Oatmeal cookies piped with marshmallow frosting. Bottom Layer: Snickerdoodle cookies baking in the oven. 

Cozy & Warm: My favorite part of Winter is a nice, snuggly cuddle under the blankets in the warm glow of soft white lights. Hygge at its finest. Top Layer: Cashmere & Vanilla Musk. Middle Layer: Pomander & Fir Needle. Bottom Layer: Apple Cider & Woodsmoke.

Pink Tinsel: For those who like to trim their tree in shades of rose gold while sipping on the good bubbly. Dedicated to my long-time social media whiz, Karyn. Love you, Miss K! <3 Top Layer: Pink Rosé Marshmallows. Middle Layer: Pink Pomegranate Fizz. Bottom Layer: Rosepetal Ice Cream.

Solstice Night: A special creation for the longest night of the year, to keep you warm as you wait for the rebirth of the Sun. Top Layer: Earl Gray Tea and Apple. Middle Layer: Warm Woolen Blankets. Bottom Layer: Ripe Mulberry.

There are also a small number of Snow Day and Yuletide Past left over from last year's stock that will not be restocked when sold.

That's all that's fit to print! I am hopeful that some Paintbox Soapworks bath & body will follow next month, along with a restock of Sisterhood of the Moon soaps and scrubs. Sisterhood is undergoing a minor reformulation at the moment, as one of the ambers used to make it has become recently unavailable. I have my test batch of the new version curing as we speak, and it smells fantastic!



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