Halloween is Live!

Greetings from the mourning parlor of Bleakthorn Hall!

We have a fantastic lineup for our Halloween Box this year to help you get in the mood for Spooky Season! This box features several returning favorites and two new vendors to help turn your own abode into a haunted manor! Athame + Alchemy is back with one of their raved-about salt soap bars, Death + Floral has concocted a perfume for your eerie heart, Dryad Tea is back with a beloved tea blend, Immortal Mountain bears artisan chocolate from the deep woods, and Sihaya & Co will be doing a customary glittering candle as well as our first room spray! For the newcomers, Creams From The Crypt will help keep your hands from premature decay with a lotion, and Crimson Hour will help you seal all of your midnight correspondence with flair.

50 boxes are available, so don't wait! These boxes will ship the 3rd week of October for Halloween arrival. 

Our Halloween candle collection has also arrived, and will be available through October 31st. 

Black Flame Candle Resurrected: A sinister witches' cottage with overflowing orchards and gnarled herbs. Darkest blackberry, spiced pear, bay leaf, and smoking resins. Scent Profile: Atmospheric, Fruity. 
Hallowe'en Tradition: 
Smashed pumpkins, fallen leaves, and the smoke of a candle blown out too early. Scent Profile: Gourmand, Smoky, Woods.
Midnight Mass: The skeletal ruins of an ancient chapel, where the prayers of the nightly office still ring out at midnight, and the scent of ghostly incense still lingers in the air. Frankincense, myrrh, smoked oud, cedar, olibanum, and clove leaf. Scent Profile: Resin/Incense.
Sisterhood of the Moon: Gathered beneath the gibbous moon, we raise our arms to the sky. Come join us. Amber, crackling fires, woody oakmoss, and warm vanilla. Scent profile: Resin/Incense, Smoky, Vanilla Woods.
Sleepy Hollow: 
The foreboding scent of flickering jack o'lanterns, oudh, leather, and unearthly incense. Scent Profile: Atmospheric, Resin/Incense, Woods.

In addition, there are a trio of our triple-layer limited candles up for grabs while supplies last!

Amok! Amok! Amok! will help you get in touch with your inner Sanderson. It features a trio of twisted gourmands: a spiced black cherry cider, poisoned blackberries and incense, and, of course, the chocolate covered finger of a man named Clark.

Spooky Season delivers all the atmospheric delights of October: a smoky, spicy vanilla-amber bonfire, the foreboding call of the forest's edge at dusk, and your favorite flannel to keep away the cold hand of death.

Trick Or Treat will bring back the sticky sugar rush of youth, with candied apple, spiced candy corn, and a nip of forbidden salted caramel liqueur.

And finally, in partnership with our friends at Paintbox Soapworks, we are able to offer an exclusive Jack-O-The-Woods soap bar. A 6oz bar of vegan, luxurious glycerin soap, it will evoke the creeping chill of October winds.

Jack-O-The-Woods: Gently glowing pumpkin smiles hiding in the woodland shadows with singed marshmallow, pine cones & birch bark, bright orange mushrooms, & a sniff of woodsmoke.


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