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Hello friends! Blessed Lugnasadh to those who celebrate! As always, I am writing the Autumn Update post while much of the US is deep in the sweaty clutches of Summer. But cooler temps will be here soon, which brings the return of Fall favorites and new scents to explore! Let's jump in!


Can you believe it's been six years since our Welcome to Autumnvale box? Wow, time flies! This time, though, we'll be exploring the woodland beyond the town, seeing what magic might await us in the brambles and falling leaves.

AUTUMNVALE WOODS features a bevy of collaborators new and old. Alkemia is back with an ode to Autumn in perfume form. Cult favorite Over The Garden Wall was a source of inspiration to both Old Growth Alchemy and Paintbox Soapworks, whose offerings (a tea and scrub, respectively) draw on its unsettling loveliness. Virtuoso Confections is bringing back their Apple Cider Caramel bar that was much raved about the last time we featured it. Newcomers Justine Gilbuena and Splitmoon Studios are offering enamel pins and beautiful stationery brimming with mushrooms and forest friends. And as always, Sihaya & Co is offering a glittering candle to help you get in the harvest spirit.


Most of the scents on offer this year in the main candle collection are returning favorites chosen by the Sihaya & Company Fans Group. But there is one very exciting addition! This year's Sacred Autumn candle is a collaboration with Laura Vasilion of A Modern Oracle. Formulated to be used in ritual or just to make your home smell nice, these candles are reiki-infused to help you feel grounded, centered, and ready to embrace the voluptuous sensuality of the season.

Autumn Glory: Soft cashmere, toasted vanilla, nutmeg, ginger, amber, tonka bean, and a gentle hint of polished leather. Scent profile: Resin/Incense, Spicy, Vanilla
Autumnvale Cafe: 
The scent of a corner coffee shop in fall: pumpkin spice lattes and cinnamon chai. Scent Profile: Gourmand, Spicy
Ember & Mallow: 
Vanilla marshmallows toasted over a smoky Autumn bonfire. Scent profile: Gourmand, Smoky, Vanilla
Persephone Descending: 
Pomegranate, cranberry, and just a touch of dragon's blood to soften the edges. Scent Profile: Fruity
Sacred Autumn 2023: Rose incense, golden amber, dragon's blood, oud wood, and a swirl of pumpkin. Scent Profile: Resin/Incense.
Samhain Dusk: 
Dry amber, cassia, clove, the smoke of distant bonfires, and the faintest breath of orange peel. Scent Profile: Atmospheric, Fruity, Spicy, Smoky


As has become traditon, Autumn also comes with a selection of limited candles which each feature three distinct scent layers. Autumn Magic continues our woodland theme with spiced fruits and smoked woods. Autumnvale Applefest transports you to an apple orchard where a harvest festival is being held. Cozy Autumn brings all of the comforting textures of the harvest season home and evokes fallen leaves, thick sweaters, and toasting chestnuts over a backyard bonfire. And Hey, Pumpkin! is for all of you insatiable pumpkin-lovers out there, and features three layers of gourmand delights!


Oooh, this is so exciting. This year, we're offering our first anointing oil! It's a gently perfumed oil fit to be used for either ritual or as personal scent. It uses our Sacred Autumn scent: Rose incense, golden amber, dragon's blood, oud wood, and a swirl of pumpkin.

And just like its candle counterpart, it has been reiki-infused by Laura to help you reap the blessings of the season.


And last but not least, don't forget about our Autumnal lip color offerings! We offer sheer glosses (vegan) and more pigmented moisturizing lipcolors (which contain beeswax). Colors like Autumn Leaves, Bonfire Night, Enchanted Apple, Harvest Rust, September Verse, and Sisterhood of the Moon are our top picks for a warm fall makeup looks!

Our next update will be in the beginning of September, when we release a small Halloween collection with returning favorites and some new surprises!


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