Happy Dragon Age Day! (And shipping updates.)

Hey everybody! In my nerdy little neck of the woods, it's Dragon Age Day, the day where Bioware gifts us with short stories, game updates, and other surprises. Every year for the last few, I've released a few products based on my favorite game series, and this year is no different. The new candles on offer this year are: 

In -180 Ancient, the Elves of Orlais rose up against slavery under a general named Shartan. Joining holy Andraste in war against Tevinter, they were given the Dales, a fertile, picturesque land-- at least until human treachery once again stole it back. Today, the Dales are home to lush greenery, abundant rivers, and many elven secrets.

The Dales: Green leaves, river stone, star jasmine, nectarine, and meadow grass.

In the heart of Lowtown is a tavern. There you'll find whatever you're looking for, be it a stiff drink, a game of Wicked Grace, a good brawl, or maybe even the Champion themself. 

The Hanged Man: Leather, tobacco, brown liquor, and spice.

Deep in the temple burns an enchanting green flame that produces no heat. Use it to uncover hidden secrets.

Veilfire: Eucalyptus, lime blossom, damp moss, and white jasmine.

Find our complete Dragon Age collection here!

ALSO! I did a holiday market this past weekend and I have a few left-over products to share. I am hoping to do more scented oils and room & linen mists in the coming year, but to whet your appetite, I have a few that are ready right now!


* This week, I am processing orders from the week of Nov 15th, which will most likely ship Wednesday 12/6.
* Next week, I will process Black Friday orders.
* I am in the process of paying my Winter Box vendors and expect those products to arrive 12/12-14. They will be turned around and shipped as soon as I have all components. 

Thanks so much for your patience and support. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! sihayaandcompany@gmail.com!


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