A Modern Oracle!

Hello everyone! Everybody doing okay out there in this heat? 

I have a small but exciting July update for you! First of all, my friend Laura has launched her new venture, A Modern Oracle, for all of your energy working needs. It's been a joy watching her find her true calling as a worker, and this candle is to celebrate that success. 

A Modern Oracle: The scent of the temple after dusk. Lemon, eucalyptus, bay, cypress, olive leaf, and benzoin. 

For those of you who enjoyed the limited edition candle that was featured in Poesie Perfume's Alice in Wonderland-themed box this past winter, we have brought back Mad Tea Party for an encore!

Mad Tea Party: A merry, off-kilter blend of black tea, yellow cake, and strawberry buttercream. 

...annnnnnd finally-- I'm excited to tell you that I've completed my very first batch of my faery wing earrings in over a year! Being the mom to a toddler means I don't often have a lot of time to get back to the jewelry studio, but I've been commissioned to do a few wholesale batches for longstanding partners, and so I'm making some for the website too. What's listed is only batch number one-- I will have some limited edition shades coming next month. But if you have a special color mix in mind, please email me! I am also taking custom commissions for wings. sihayaandcompany@gmail.com

Other news: The Fan Collection and the Infamous Collections will both be coming down at the end of July to make way for the launch of the Autumn Collection and the Autumn Box. We've got some really cool stuff lined up and we can't wait to share them with you!


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