Loud, Proud, and Dangerous To Know!

Greetings and Happy Pride Month! June is upon us, and so are the cicadas! Brood X has descended upon Ellicott City, and with it, a new collaboration with Paintbox Soapworks.

SKREE: Ear-splitting yuzu & lime, knee-high grass studded with dandelions & basil, & a rasp of smoky pepper.

Available in candle tins, glass tumblers, glycerin soap, and sorbetto sugar scrub.

We have also restocked several scents in our Paintbox Soapworks section!

I am also thrilled to unveil the Infamous Collection! Inspired by some of history's baddest, bawdiest, and sometimes most misunderstood ladies, journey with me through history to learn about some truly wild women! As many of you know, I'm something of a history nerd. This collection has been a long time in the making and I'm sure this is only part one. Included are a Civil War spy, several nortorious mistresses, a bona-fide pirate queen, and much more.

I'm also excited that we are carrying a sister collection, the Dangerous Women collection of eau de parfum by Deconstructing Eden

And, to round everything out, there are new shades in our Moisturizing Lip Color range! The Queene's Red is a true red that reveals golden shimmer over the course of wear. Leanan Sidhe is a wearable raspberry (perfect for any fairy seductress!), and Midnight Maven is a deep blue-black designed by longtime Sihaya & Co friend, Toya S. Finishing it up is Luna's Wing, a moon-moth sheer shimmer.

Four new flavors of lip balm are also on offer, including what is sure to be a sleeper hit, Dill Pickle! (And if you're throwing any baby showers, I'm happy to do a pickles and ice cream bundle for you!)

That's all that's fit to print! Happy June and if you're anywhere in the range of Brood X like I am, enjoy your screaming trees!


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