Discontinuations & Other News

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a decent February as we slowly make our way towards sunshine.

I'm writing to announce some changes in the general catalog and beyond. 

When I need to add or remove a scent from the roster, there are several factors: a) its overall sales, b) whether or not it fills a specific need within the collection, c) component availability, and d) my own personal preferences.  I have been in the process of refreshing the Favorites collection for 2022, and because of that I have decided to switch up a few things.

-- To start, DREAM WALKER has been discontinued. I was at the end of my oil blend and when I went to restock, a critical component was discontinued. Alas, its time had come.

-- The WAKING THE MOON collection will be coming down on March 15th. I have absolutely loved having this collection in my semi-permanent roster, but it must be cleared to make room for new growth. I do plan on incorporating a few of its bestsellers into my core collection. OF THE WAVE, SHE IS STILL A MYSTERY, DEA VERUS, and ORPHIC LODGE are the top contenders, but I am still contemplating which two will make the cut. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have a special favorite.

-- A(U)RA will also be leaving on March 15th. 

-- At some point later in the year, GARDENS AFTER THE STORM will be reformulated. One of its key notes has been discontinued. I had advance warning, and so I was able to stock up for a bit. I've been actively investigating alternatives and I'm fairly sure I will be able to get pretty close to the original formulation. I will announce when the switch will be made.

Now, for happier news!

-- MAD TEA PARTY will be joining the Favorites Collection. It started out as a special edition for a collaboration with Poesie Perfume (and, heads up, another one is coming soon!), but was so popular I added it as a limited edition. Sales have been steady and growing, and so the Hatter will be staying indefinitely. Its tea base and gourmand notes also fill a nice niche.

-- I have a slot left for one additional Favorites Collection candle. As I've been pouring the Secret Menu candles this week, many of the past year's scents are fresh in my mind. I have not decided which scent will get this coveted slot, but two of the ones under serious consideration are 7 AM ZOOM CALL and HYPATIA. I love 7 am's perky citrus blended with soothing resin. It reminds me of a morning meditation in the sunlight and it makes me happy every time I pour it. As for Hypatia, it's one of my favorites from the last year for sure. It's not a literal library scent, but it definitely captures the feeling of a cozy afternoon curled up in a comfy chair with a well-loved book. Whichever is chosen will likely be renamed to better fit within the Favorites Collection.

I'd love to hear from you about what candles you'd love to have year-round, so if you have thoughts, please sound off! You can comment here, or you can join in the discussion at our Facebook Fans Group. We're a pretty low-key, chill group and we'd love to have you join us.

A bit of housekeeping:

-- There's a little over a week left to snag our Spring Box, The Not So Dark Ages

-- If you haven't checked it out, our Spring Collection has launched!



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  • Jean on

    I vote for Of the Wave from the Waking the Moon collection as it fills a marine note not duplicated in your catalog

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