Journey with me to Magical Realms!

Hello everyone! 

As we move into warmer weather, we have our first installment of the MAGICAL REALMS series. It is limited edition for 2022, and will be periodically added to in between our traditional seasonal updates. The first two realms we will visit are:

OTHERWORLD: Brightly colored fallen leaves, blue hydrangea mist, floating wisps of spun sugar, and delicate vanilla musk.

UNDERWORLD: Crimson red wine, pomegranate seeds, fallen camellia blossoms, white sandalwood, and smoked vetiver.

Additionally, as we bid adieu to the Waking The Moon collection, the two scents that will be sticking around are DEA VERUS and OF THE WAVE. You can find them in the FAVORITES COLLECTION alongside a renamed HYPATIA.  

Introducing DARK ACADEMIAGolden amber, teakwood, white cedar, leatherbound books, and a touch of caramel. 

That's all the news that's fit to print!


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