New Favorites And A Charity Scent!

Hello everyone! It's been a busy few weeks behind the scenes here at Sihaya & Co!

The collaborators on the Spring Box have been making all of those lovely products fresh so that they can be mailed out the first week of April as intended. I am in the early stages of blending the scents chosen as part of the Fans Collection (for those of you not in our Facebook Fans Group, I revived the yearly tradition of letting our fans suggest and vote on a collection of scents to be released in late April).

I've also finished testing on the five new scents joining our core scent collection, The Favorites. Each has something new to offer and I'm very proud of them!

A(U)RA: The first soft tendrils of golden-pink morning light envelop you in a gentle cloud of peace and gratitude. Fresh peaches, raspberry cream, pink magnolia blossoms, and soothing coconut milk. Profile: Floral, Fruity, Gourmand.

A(U)RA is a re-release of Morganite, which was a part of 2019's gemstones collection. I have long loved it, and decided to make it permanent. It's a floaty pink scent, all creamy fruit and happiness.

AFTERGLOW: The quiet stillness after complete satisfaction. Sandalwood, toasted coconut, shea butter, and warm skin musk. Profile: Gourmand, Vanilla, Woods.

This is one sexy candle, is all I can say. The woodiness of the sandalwood with that good skin smell of the shea butter and a touch of toasted coconut... oh man. My husband immediately agreed that this was his pick of the bunch. It smells like a tropical love bungalow.

FADE INTO YOU: A dreamy, nostalgic haze of wistful longing. Vanilla musk, softly sugared white jasmine petals, blue agave, and moonflower. Profile: Atmospheric, Floral, Vanilla.

I have long wanted to do a scent called Fade Into You, because who of a certain generation was not head over heels for that swoony, dreamy song? I only had the faintest idea which direction I wanted to take it until I smelled the perfect vanilla musk and decided to pair it with white jasmine. I know jasmine can be a really divisive note! In perfume, it's pretty easy for jasmine to go indolic, but here-- it's just perfect. It smells like a real, live-blooming jasmine bush on a late summer evening. I finished it off with some agave to add a touch of sweetness and a drop of moonflower for wistfulness. Even though I'm not much of a florals person, I love it.

A tucked away nook overflowing with pastel succulents, flowering cacti, and a sweetly flowing fountain. Cactus blossom, aloe, sweet agave, and delicate desert ghost flower. Profile: Atmospheric, Fresh.

I have tended to not release too many "fresh" scents over the years because, if I'm honest, too many of them smell like dryer sheets. I am not a "clean linen" candle type of gal. When I go fresh, I tend to go green, which is why I am so pleased with how Gardens After The Storm turned out. But it looks like I have found a new fresh niche that works equally as well for me. If you're not familiar with these notes, 
the vibe they give off is a subtly sweet botanical one that is incredibly refreshing, like a misting of cool water on a hot day. If you've ever taken a deep swig of aloe-infused water when you've been parched, you'll like Hidden Oasis.


THE DAWN WILL COME: The night is long, and the path is dark. Look to the sky, for one day soon, the dawn will come. An uplifting, hopeful blend of grapefruit, yuzu, and gentle elfroot (garden mint) straight from the chantry garden. Profile: Fresh, Fruity, Herbal.

Yes, I am a huge Dragon Age nerd! I just finished my most recent playthrough of Inquisition, and the song sung at the end of Act 1 has been resonating pretty strongly with me as we enter year two of lockdown in the states. I created this scent to bolster my own hope and joy, and you might love it, too! Easter Eggs: If you look around the site, you can probably find at least a half dozen subtle DA references!

Also, there is a new charity scent on offer that will evoke w
aves lapping against the shore and warm sand beneath your toes. Paradise.

A tropical dream of pink orchid, papaya, mango, bird of paradise, white jasmine, and pineapple, tempered by ocean breezes, warm sand, and sea spray. Profile: Atmospheric, Floral, Fresh, Fruity.

All proceeds from the candle (total cost minus the physical production costs) will be donated to Asian Americans Advancing Justice to help combat the rising tide of hatred aimed at those of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. Hate in all of its forms must be actively combatted, and we all must do what we can to push back and eradicate white supremacy.

A special thank you to my social media assistant, Karyn, for suggesting this organization.

If you placed an order for Coral Sands over the weekend but would like to purchase some of the new Favorites, I can absolutely combine orders for you. Just email me at

And, to wrap up: a gentle reminder that THE DREAMER AWAKENS and THE MARSHMALLOW DREAMS COLLECTION will be coming down soon at the end of March.


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