An Update On Our Glass Tumblers

Hey everybody! Happy Sunday to everyone and Happy Easter to those who celebrate. I wanted to update folks on a development with our glass tumblers so that nobody is taken by surprise when they receive their orders!

As I've previously mentioned, many of my suppliers are still experiencing pandemic-related supply chain issues. One of the major things affected has been glassware. Because of this, I have had to purchase a few cases of a different kind of glass tumbler to use. 

I had been using the Libbey straight sided tumbler, but as it has been out of stock for quite some time, I made the switch to the Libbey 11 oz rocks glass. It can comfortably accomodate 9 oz of wax by weight, just like the straight sided tumbler. The main difference is that the base is visibly thicker, so it can appear that there is less wax (although it is slightly taller as well). There isn't though-- the candles are all weighed and poured and you will never receive less wax than is advertised. 

I actually really like the rocks glass. The glass is a little thicker overall as well, which is a plus in candle-making. I may end up switching over entirely to this style once the supply chain works itself out, but until that happens, customers will probably see both of these glasses in use, depending on what I can get my hands on!

Spring Boxes ship this week, so you'll probably get a shipping notification in the next 48 hours if you purchased one! 


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