The 2022 Fan Collection is Live!

I'm excited to bring news that this year's Fan Collection is ready for pre-order! For those who are newer to Sihaya & Co, the Fan Collection is our annual tradition where members of the S&C Fans Facebook Group suggest scents they would like to be made into candles, and they are voted on. The top vote-getters are made into candles.  Here is this year's roster:

Dirty Chai Espresso, strong black tea, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon sticks, clove, anise, a spoon of sugar, and a swirl of cream. Suggested by Mallory M, an ode to the perfect frankenbeverage-- the spicy warmth of chai, and the live-giving caffeine of espresso! 

Egyptian Kyphi: 
Frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, cardamom, wine, honey, juniper berries, and a touch of pine. Suggested by Abigail K and returning for year 2! This is my take on a historically-noted perfume used in ancient Egypt!

Log Cabin Summer:
 Campfire smoke, evergreen forest, dirt, and warm summer evening air. Suggested by Heather H, and inspired by log cabin camping during the hot days of Summer!

Smile Like A Sharp Blade: 
Rich mahogany, velvety golden amber resin, leather, the vanillic tang of old ink and paper, and an undercurrent of cold steel. Suggested by Amber C and inspired by her love of Jacqueline Carey's work!

Spring Tea Party: Earl Grey and green teas sweetened with lavender honey and apple. Suggested by Sarah M and inspired by delicious teatime treats! 

The Revenge: Creaking cherry wood, whisps of smoke from an impractical fireplace, a fine flag fluttering in sea salty air, and a bit of orange zest. Suggested by Mallory M and inspired by Our Flag Means Death and Stede Bonnet's historically-accurate ship!


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