The Summer Box: INTO THE DEEP

Hello everybody! As we move into warmer temperatures, I'm excited to announce the launch of our Summer Box, INTO THE DEEP

It features a slew of returning favorites: a perfume by Astrid Perfume, a duochrome highlighter by Crow & Pebble, postcard prints by acclaimed watercolorist Joanna Barnum, delicious lollipops by Leccare Lollipops, a sweet lotion by Luvmilk, a candle from yours truly, and a shimmering iridescent pendant by Wyrding Studios!

It will be available for pre-order throughout May or until all 50 units have sold.


-- The fans from our Facebook Fan Group have spoken and voted in this year's FAN COLLECTION, which will be released later this month! I am currently formulating and testing the new batch, which includes an Spring tea party, a trek into the Summer woods, a cup of dirty chai, the return of Egyptian Kyphi, an assassin's blade, and an homage to Our Flag Means Death, which I am thankfully also obsessed with. :)

-- Instagram woes: my silly cat, Tuna, completely shattered my phone last week, necessitating the need to replace it. Unfortunately, two-factor authentication was not properly set up on my work Instagram account (@sihayaaandcompany) and I am locked out unless someone at Instagram support can help. Hopefully this is only a temporary setback, but watch this space for news on whether or not a new account will be necessary. Ahhh, technology. Can't live with it, can't fling it at the wall. 


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